SQL Server Consultants
SQL Server Consultants
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SQL Server Upgrades

We're experts in upgrading and migrating complex systems. We are the only UK partner with two customers in Production on SQL Server 2012 before product release. Our customers' benefit from our experience with SQL Server 2012 and complex upgrades.

Whichever platform you're upgrading from, we can help you:

  • Architecture hardware and storage solutions for new environments
  • Minimize downtime during upgrade
  • Ensure continued application functionality
  • Identify and mitigate risks during upgrade
  • Provide consistent post-upgrade performance
  • Migrate DTS or SSIS packages and benefit from new features
  • Utilize new features - such as AlwaysOn, PowerView and PowerPivot
  • We have successfully migrated many mission critical systems to SQL Server 2012 from all previous version, in like-for-like upgrades and architecture re-design scenarios.

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