13 Mar 2024

Retail Reimagined: Coeo x Microsoft Retail Data and AI Summit

13th March, 9:00 AM
Soho Hotel, London

Join Coeo and Microsoft at the Retail Data and AI Summit, where we bring together industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends, advancements, and practical applications of data and artificial intelligence to bring value within the retail industry.  

Deep dive into world of data and AI and how it can be practically utilised within retail organisations at this in-person event and gain valuable takeaways and actionable insights. 

  • Expert-led presentations: Gain insights from industry leaders, looking at where the industry is now, and a first-hand look at what the future of data and AI has in store for the retail and consumer goods industries. 
  • Practical workshops: Offering practical tools and techniques for data analytics and AI implementation, workshops that will help you to leave with actionable knowledge applicable to your organisation. 
  • Case studies and success stories: Explore real-world applications through compelling case studies. Industry leaders will share how they’ve successfully utilised data and AI within the industry, providing actionable takeaways for innovation and improved decision-making. 
  • Networking opportunities: Connect and collaborate during dedicated networking time – engage with peers and experts and build valuable relationships within the data and AI community. 

Position your retail business for success in an ever-changing landscape with Coeo and Microsoft at this year’s Data and AI Summit – check out the event agenda and sessions below:

Session Name

Session Type


Microsoft Keynote


Igniting AI for Retail: Building the Foundations for Innovation


Microsoft Fabric for Retail – Live Demo Session

What’s Your Recommendation? Harnessing the Power of OpenAI for Product Engines


Modernising Your Data Estate: Building for the Future

Singular Customer View: Integrating Data for Retail Impact


Use Case: Machine Learning to Improve Yield and Reduce Waste

Data Transformation for Retail: Panel Q&A

Expert Panel




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