Making SQL sense in Finance

Coeo’s expert knowledge of the Microsoft data platform enables us to provide operational improvements that keep financial companies safe, fast and compliant. We will work with you to:

  • Reduce latency for risk profiling and real time decision making
  • Create super scale, super performance BI platforms
  • Improve resilience to keep collection platforms working at optimum
  • Ensure customer data safety and compliance


Reversing the race to the bottom – read our exclusive insights for the insurance sector

The insurance industry has been predicting the future for hundreds of years. Complex risk calculations involving data, knowledge and gut instinct keep entire fleets and organisations afloat and provide home owners and business owners with peace of mind.

What some firms have failed to predict, however, is the speed at which data mastery and digital technology will become vital parts of the insurance process.

Our research has revealed seven key trends that are key to data mastery in the insurance sector:

  • Offer value-based services
  • Maximise data assets
  • Measure the right things
  • Evolve the business of insurance
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Get visual
  • Model your future

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