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Migrate to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft data platform consultancy

Why migrate to Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is the leading global public cloud offering on the market today. The ever expanding set of infrastructure and platform services that integrate with your current workload makes Microsoft Azure the obvious choice for most businesses. If you are running .NET or Microsoft SQL Server workloads on-premises today, we can help you migrate to Microsoft Azure so that you can start benefiting from the scale, security, and technological advances available.

How should I migrate?

Our team have a wealth of experience around migrating, optimising and innovating on Microsoft Azure. We have developed a methodology to ensure quick and successful migrations into Microsoft’s cloud offering. This is called Fortis, which is Latin for strong, and ensures that everything has been considered and planned, resulting in continued success. We have taken the very best of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and applied our knowledge and experience to assist our clients.

Case Studies

You can find out more about how we’ve supported the following businesses to migrate to Microsoft Azure:

Does my workload need to be managed in Microsoft Azure?

There is a common misconception that public cloud services do not require management. However, our clients have found that having us manage their workload has given them peace of mind around cost control, scalability, availability and performance.

You can find out more about how we manage our client workloads in Microsoft Azure on our Dedicated Support page. Our team of engineers work around the clock to optimise and manage our clients’ applications, allowing them to focus on activities that will grow their businesses faster.

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