Next Steps Architecture Workshop

Get detailed strategic and technical guidance on the most cost-effective and appropriate data platform strategy for your business

While change and innovation help businesses grow, they can also create challenges for those running the data platforms organisations depend on.

Coeo’s Architecture Workshop is a flexible engagement, designed to clarify business goals and provide personalised, experience-based guidance to help businesses transform their data platform.

Scope and focus

Our consulting team bring strategic planning and design skills to each engagement, complementing an organisation’s existing operational knowledge. The Architecture Workshop is flexible once business goals are defined and helps technical teams build the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. Data platform Workshops often focus on modernisation, migration to the cloud or consolidation of existing database servers, whereas Business Intelligence and Analytics Workshops typically help businesses understand how to prepare their operational data for analysis and provide dashboards and interactive reports to their staff.


Coeo's approach

Over a series of meetings and interviews, a Coeo consultant leads your team through requirements scoping and solution design workshops. They use their hands-on technical experience and a six-step process to provide a solution that supports both your business requirements and technical objectives:

  1. Clarify business goals, challenges & future plans for data platforms
  2. Capture existing data platform, capabilities, integration and compliance requirements
  3. Define technical requirements for future solution including constraints & dependencies
  4. Consolidate and prioritise your requirements into a set of solution design goals
  5. Discuss & review the options and establish a migration framework if applicable
  6. Recommend a solution design including the business, technical and cost benefits of the target operational model

The Architecture Workshop concludes with a detailed report containing our strategic recommendations and bespoke guidance on technical design and deployment for your environment.

The benefits

By going through this process, leaders can reduce the time needed to make strategic technology decisions, uncovering their true priorities and identifying the business benefits of future investments in data technology. The risk of project failure is reduced, as technical teams are also provided with detailed design guidance on how and why to deploy a future solution.

Why Coeo?

Coeo are trusted analytics and data management experts, delivering technology strategy and support for businesses who need to get the most from their data.

We architect, optimise and migrate mission-critical transaction processing systems and deploy business intelligence solutions that win business confidence and deliver insight.

Next Steps

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You can also find out more information, by watching our short Architecture Workshop video.