Next Steps Azure Data Optimisation Healthcheck

Optimise your Azure data services solution

Do you:

  • Run data or analytics solutions in Azure?
  • Want to maximise performance and scalability?
  • Need to optimise your Azure Operating Expenses?

Optimise your spending

Many organisations use Azure data services but don’t have the resources to optimise their spend. Microsoft Azure is highly customisable and can be tuned to maximise performance and scalability based on the application or workload needs.

Combining a design review of your current architecture with analysis of your data and resource requirements, this Healthcheck ensures you are equipped to optimise your data environment.

Coeo's approach

This Healthcheck comprises the following phases:

  • Architecture: review of your Azure data solution design, network and  deployed services
  • Data: analysis of your Azure data services, service tiers and application integration
  • Performance: identification of expensive queries, resource bottlenecks and guidance to optimise these issues

Following these phases, we will deliver a presentation summarising our  observations and recommended steps to optimise Azure Spend and performance tuning recommendations.

The benefits

The Healthcheck will:

  • Design assurance: your current Azure architecture is measured against industry best practice and Coeo’s real-world experience
  • Cost effective: gain confidence that your Azure resources are appropriately sized and providing best value for your current workloads
  • Performance optimisation: data platform, Azure resources, and SQL query optimisation recommendations

Why Coeo?

Coeo are trusted analytics and data management experts, delivering technology strategy and support for businesses who need to get the most from their data.

We architect, optimise and migrate mission-critical transaction processing systems and deploy business intelligence solutions that win business confidence and deliver insight. Our world-class Dedicated Support service also provides 24×7 cover and proactive monitoring for your Microsoft data platform, managing Azure data services as well as your on-premises SQL Server deployments.


Next Steps

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