Next Steps Data Governance

Gain more control over your data assets

Data Governance is central to enabling success in the management of data. It allows your business to gain more control over its data assets, provide assured data quality and improve the efficiency of how the data is used.

Following the Latest Best Practice

We can assess where you are on that journey and help drive adoption of data governance in the business.

To ensure success in this area we follow DAMA-DMBoK (Data Management Book of Knowledge), which is a comprehensive guide to international data management standards and practices for data management professionals.

We focus on the following aspects of data governance:

  • Policy
  • Stewardship & ownership
  • Culture change
  • Strategy
  • Principles & ethics
  • Data valuation
  • Data maturity assessment
  • Data classification

Coeo's approach

Our Data Governance service includes:

  • Following the data strategy that has been defined, communication and execution
  • Policy – setting and enforcing policies for areas such as meta data management, access, usage, security and quality
  • Standards and quality – setting and enforcing data quality and data architecture standards
  • Oversight – of audit, quality, policy and data management
  • Compliance – ensuring the organisation can meet data-related regulatory compliance
  • Data management projects – sponsoring working groups
  • Data asset valuation – setting standards and processes to define the business value of data assets
  • Issue management relating to various data areas

The benefits

We will work as an extension of your in-house team to put the correct controls in place to ensure the quality of your data. This will enable you to extract the greatest value from your existing assets and reduce duplicated processes and errors.

Why Coeo?

Coeo are trusted analytics and data management experts, delivering technology strategy and support for businesses who need to get the most from their data.

We architect, optimise and migrate mission-critical transaction processing systems and deploy business intelligence solutions that win business confidence and deliver insight.

Next Steps

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