Next Steps Data Maturity Assessment

How advanced is your business in managing data?

Are you:

  • Sitting on lots of customer, transaction or telemetry data but not using it to make decisions?
  • Needing to take the organisation on a journey to realise the value of data?
  • Keen to get everyone aligned on the goal and milestones?

Four key pillars

In this free engagement, we measure your business maturity on four key pillars of data and artificial intelligence:

  • Strategy: direction, roadmap and destination
  • Culture: tolerance for risk, appetite for data driven decision making
  • Organisation: focus on continuous improvement, data privacy, collaboration and trust
  • Capability: expertise, process and tooling required to deliver on your goals for data and AI.

Our Data Maturity Assessment will help you assess your approach to data tooling, process and people.

The output provides feedback, positioning your business in context of a benchmark we’ve established through assessing dozens of other businesses.

Coeo's approach

Our experienced Solution Architects facilitate a workshop with your decision makers to identify high value data problems or opportunities your business is experiencing. We match the challenges or opportunities with technology that is proven to solve those issues and capitalise the potential. This will enable you to assess the best course of action for your business.

The benefits

The assessment delivers insights on your business’ data and AI strengths and opportunities. This will help your business to improve efficiency and grow your business faster – capitalising on your data opportunity.

Why Coeo?

Coeo are trusted analytics and data management experts, delivering technology strategy and support for businesses who need to get the most from their data.

We architect, optimise and migrate mission-critical transaction processing systems and deploy business intelligence solutions that win business confidence and deliver insight.

Next Steps

To book your Data Maturity Assessment please contact us at: or on +44 (0)20 3051 3595

You can also find out more about Coeo’s methodology and the trends we’ve seen across our customers by downloading our Guide to Data Maturity.