Azure SQL Database

Microsoft Gold Partner Coeo’s team of cloud consultants have expertise in Azure databases and deployments. As well as bespoke consulting engagements, we also offer fixed-price services for developing a migration strategy and modernising to Azure.

Azure SQL Database offers your business the following advantages:

  • Frictionless database migration
  • Advanced data security
  • Built-in machine learning that optimises performance
  • Scalability and high availability for compute and storage


Microsoft offers three deployment options within its Azure SQL Database family:

Single Database

A single database, which a user’s applications connect to. This option is particularly suitable for those looking to deploy a database from scratch. It’s useful for new web applications with short time to market constraints, as it can be set up very quickly.

Elastic Pools

Rather than having an individual database with a set amount of DTUs (a measure of performance that blends memory, CPU and processor) or vCores, users may decide to group numerous databases into a pool that share those resources. This is especially useful if the databases have different peaks and troughs in their usage.

Managed Instance

With this Azure SQL Database option, users have an instance of SQL Server that they can deploy databases onto and a SQL Server Agent they can use to run scheduled jobs. It has been designed to simplify lift-and-shift migrations while still providing many of the benefits of PaaS. However, unlike a virtual machine, users don’t have access to the  underlying operating system, but can make limited instance level configuration changes.


Within the Single Database option there are three service tiers to select from:

General Purpose / Standard

Designed for common workloads, this tier offers budget-oriented balanced compute and storage options.

Business Critical / Premium

This tier offers the highest resilience to failures as it uses several isolated replicas. It is designed for online transaction processing applications.


Hyperscale is a highly scalable storage and compute performance tier that leverages the Azure architecture to scale out the storage and compute resources for an Azure SQL Database beyond the limits available to other tiers.


We can work with your business to ensure that you are operating on the right service tier and provide you with recommended steps to optimise your Azure spend and performance tuning. Find out more about this service on our Azure Data Optimisation Healthcheck page.


Remote DBA service

Coeo offers 24/7 managed support for mission critical data platforms. Our UK-based team proactively monitor and optimise your data assets, with an average incident response time of under 5 minutes.

We have vast experience of supporting Microsoft data solutions from traditional on-premises SQL Server environments right through to advanced Azure Data Services.

Find out more about how we can support your team on our Dedicated Support page.


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