Azure Synapse Analytics

Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics is the obvious choice for businesses who want to gain insight from diverse data sources, fast. Coeo’s experienced consultants can help your team move to this unified data and analytics platform and benefit from Azure Synapse’s combination of enterprise-level data warehousing with powerful analytics.

We will work with your business to prepare and ingest your data in Azure Synapse, drive meaningful insight using Microsoft’s advanced analytics services and build reports in Power BI. Accelerate your data maturity and achieve a ‘single pane of glass’ data view without compromising on performance.

Azure Synapse gives data professionals the ability to:

  • Deliver insights at speed from across your data estate
  • Discover insights using machine learning models
  • Analyze structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data all in one place
  • Reduce development time with a unified experience that brings together data lakes, data warehouses and analytics
  • Secure your data with advanced security and privacy features.

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