Microsoft SQL Server


Coeo has over a decade of experience configuring, deploying and troubleshooting SQL Server. We tackle the most challenging performance and scalability issues for organisations who depend on their data platforms for business success. 

Microsoft’s industry-leading data platform is renowned for its capabilities, including: 

  • Break-through scalability and performance 
  • Analysis of all kinds of data – query across relational, non-relational, structured and unstructured data to get the complete picture 
  • Faster decisions using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) combined with Power BI  
  • Proven security built in, including data classification, protection and monitoring/alerting 

We offer both tailor-made and fixed price consulting engagements, and offer services such as: 

Our team of experienced consultants and engineers have a combined level of 150+ years experience and work closely with Microsoft to stay up to date with the latest developments in SQL Server. 

SQL Server Database Engine

The database engine is the core component of SQL Server used for storing, processing and securing data. We can modernise, migrate, optimise and upgrade SQL Server. 

As a first step, our Data Platform Healthcheck service examines the performance, stability and security of the database engine to improve the overall running of your data platform. Our SQL Server consultants will provide you with a comprehensive list of issues, along with explanations of their observations and tailored remediation guidance. 

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS is the platform for data integration and transformation, allowing you to extract and transform data from a wide variety of sources and load to your chosen destination. Coeo will ensure this is set up to solve complex business problems and get the most from your data. 

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS allows users of SQL Server on-premises to create, deploy and manage mobile and paginated reports to the right user. With our strong analytics capability, we can help create and improve SSRS reporting or assist with modernisation into the Power Platform reporting tools. 

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

Microsoft’s Analysis Services can be used with  on premises SQL Server to provide data models for reporting and data visualisation tools like Power BI. Coeo will ensure your data models are reliable and robust to enable timely insights for business decision making. 

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Remote DBA service

As well as ourconsulting services, we offer 24/7 managed support for mission critical data platforms. Our Dedicated Support team are specialists in performance and availability troubleshooting and provide proactive monitoring and management for SQL Server on-premises and in Azure. Talk to us to understand how we can provide you with service assurance and continuity, as well as cost control and data security. 


Learn more about SQL Server

The pace of change is rapid, and our specialist team are up to date on the latest Microsoft certifications and developments on the SQL Server platform. We regularly share SQL Server advice on ourblog and newsletter, and we have published a modernisation whitepaper to help you improve your knowledge.

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