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Coeo helps businesses at the leading edge of data management achieve world-beating results:

Advanced Analytics Consultancy

Organisations need ways to structure and present their data so users across the business can quickly access the information they need to take action. The large volumes of data collected and stored make this very challenging and data analytics specialists are in short supply. Coeo use the latest tools from Microsoft such as Power BI alongside advanced analytics capabilities to solve these challenges so you can focus on the nest steps.

We use advanced analytics and reporting solutions to help everyone in your business get the most from their data.

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Data Platform Consultancy

Coeo's consultants go beyond the realms of simply telling you which solution to use. We work with to understand your business, your technology and your challenges before providing tailor-made solutions that offer maximum business benefit, regardless of project scope. Whether you need a full-scale cloud adoption strategy or a Healthcheck on a tricky SQL Server instance, Coeo can help.

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Our consultants can help you maximise performance, deal with changing capacity demands and ensure security and compliance.

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Dedicated Support

When running critical environments with a small DBA team, many companies face difficult decisions; focus on project delivery, or spend time responding to critical production issues? Recruit, or suffer gaps in cover that cause issues for the business? Coeo's Dedicated Support can help you - we provide 24/7 cover and proactive monitoring, working alongside your team in the most cost-effective way for your business. As your data platform evolves, so does our service - we manage Azure data services, including Azure SQL Database, as well as your on-premises deployments.

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Our in-house team provide 24/7 mission critical support and proactive monitoring for customers who require flexibility and expertise.

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