10 Nov 2023

Navigating the AI landscape: Top takeaways to drive strategic value from Coeo’s Gen AI webinar

Coeo recently hosted a webinar on Generative AI, that explored how to drive business value at the intersection of AI, analytics, and operational efficiency.

Here are seven transformative insights that emerged from the discussion, offering a glimpse into the future of business optimisation through AI.

1.   Embracing available tech for common use cases

The webinar kicked off with a powerful message: the future is now. AI is a powerful tool for businesses and attendees were encouraged to harness existing technologies to address common challenges. It’s important to remember that innovation isn’t always about inventing new tools, but effectively utilising what’s already at hand.

2. Mastering AI precision with metaprompt and grounding

We discussed the concept of ‘metaprompt’, a strategic tool that guides AI to produce targeted outcomes. It’s like setting the stage for AI to perform with precision, ensuring that the technology is not just answering questions but answering the right questions in the right way for your business.

Grounding, in contrast, ensures AI’s responses are rooted in the reality of your business environment. It’s the difference between an AI that knows a lot and one that knows what’s useful to you. Grounding translates AI’s potential into actual business value by enhancing decision-making accuracy and operational efficiency, fostering trust in AI systems, and ultimately driving growth.

Metaprompt and grounding are the dynamic duo of AI deployment, ensuring that AI solutions are not only smart but also strategically aligned with business objectives.

3. Prioritising User Experience in AI deployment

User experience stands at the forefront of AI deployment. The webinar highlighted the necessity of designing AI interfaces that are not only intuitive but also enhance customer and employee satisfaction, which maximises the technology’s potential.

4. The art of purposeful ideation and the need for expertise

Ideation isn’t a buzzword; it’s a strategic process. The speakers discussed the importance of purposeful ideation, bringing together the right mix of technical understanding and creative thinking to unlock AI’s full potential.

5. AI’s role in streamlining operations and empowering your talent

A case study shown in the webinar highlighted a significant reduction in manual tasks through AI, leading to an impressive operational efficiency. In the discussed example, generative AI was used to customize structured data presentation for support tickets. Instead of displaying unstructured text, AI-generated the tables with critical information like ticket ID, response times, statuses, and ownership details. This structured approach enhanced support teams’ ability to quickly analyze and compare recent support tickets. For instance, if there were 10 recent support tickets, the structured table made it much easier to analyze and compare these tickets, leading to more effective decision-making. Customized AI-generated structured data improved the overall end-user experience in support ticket management. It showcased AI’s role as an enabler rather than a replacement of human talent.

6. Demonstrating ‘Proof of Value’ in AI investments

The event highlighted the importance of demonstrating the tangible value AI brings to an organisation. Creating a ‘proof of value’ isn’t just about showcasing ROI; it’s about narrating the story of transformation and progress.

7. Educating the workforce on AI and machine learning

Finally, the webinar addressed the need for education around AI and machine learning. Dispelling myths and clarifying the capabilities of AI is crucial for its adoption and success within any business.

Harnessing AI’s Potential: A strategic vision for the future

“In a world brimming with data and computational power, the true differentiator is how we direct these resources to solve the problems that matter,” remarked Nihal Mushtaq Amin during the webinar. This statement encapsulates the essence of Coeo’s approach to AI — it’s not just about the technology, but how it’s applied with intention and expertise.

Coeo’s Gen AI webinar was more than just a discussion; it was a roadmap for businesses ready to embark on an AI-driven transformation. As we look towards a future where AI is intertwined with every aspect of business, these insights from Coeo are invaluable for any organisation aiming to stay ahead of the curve.


What’s Next?

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