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Why us

Helping our clients predict their future

We provide solutions that harness the power of data for informed decision-making and resilience.

Coeo is a Microsoft Data and AI Solutions Partner focusing on Data Platform, Data Analytics and AI. We deliver end-to-end data strategy, execution and operations including planning and governance, data platform, analytics, and AI, under pinned by Managed Services.

We believe that great business outcomes are paramount, and that strategy without action is pointless

Which means we hire smart people to find better ways to streamline and automate data processes. We encourage them to be direct, to challenge the status quo and support one another to get best outcomes for clients. There are four reasons the UK’s most successful data-led businesses choose to work with us:

Expertise, Strength

Microsoft focused

Our committed team of Microsoft data and AI experts and our relationship with Microsoft data innovators and practice leads. We are proud of our ability to convene the best data & AI professionals and Microsoft MVPs in the country.


Our approach means we lead with practical, actionable insights. We call our methodology “Fortis” meaning strength. Fortis is our repeatable, robust, and failsafe method which ensures projects run like clockwork and deliver results.

Speed, Innovation


Our Coeo IP is designed to automate repetitive manual processes and turbo-charge the implementation process. Our analytics accelerator is an automation tool and framework called “Velox” meaning swift or rapid. It means we can realise value from analytics projects faster.


Finally, our commitment to continuous improvement means full visibility of the estate via the Coeo Portal and Velox Monitor. Clients can see pre-emptive remediation, and innovative work to optimise performance. This is no small contributory factor for why 97% of managed services clients renew annually.

convene, collaborate


From the Latin – to meet, to convene, to collaborate.

“Coeo” means “together”. It represents the idea of working together as a team to deliver exceptional solutions to clients. The name Coeo reflects our commitment to collaboration, partnership, and delivering outstanding results through a shared sense of purpose.

From the Latin
to be strong or steadfast


Strength: Fortis is Coeo’s robust methodology for project delivery. It enables us to deliver projects collaboratively and iteratively to meet clients’ evolving needs.

From the Latin
to fly, be swift, or rapid


Speed: Velox is an accelerator that uses pre-configured components and automation for rapid implementation of data analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure.

From the Latin
for entrance or gateway


Innovation: Coeo’s portal gives clients visibility of the monitoring, management, and performance optimisation of their critical systems and access to the wider team.

Powering business transformation with Data. Experts in Data Strategy, Analytics, & Artificial Intelligence.

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