Financial Services

Powering transformation

Enabling data driven decision making in Finance

Rising interest rates, market fragility, climate change, and higher customer expectations are creating significant risk and uncertainty to businesses operating in the finance sector. Businesses that are able to make faster data driven decisions can manage risk and drive commercial advantage.


Insurance is going through massive transformation. AI and ML streamline the complex processes to manage claims and prevent fraud. Underwriting and pricing is being optimised with data analytics. Customers are expecting better and connected experiences that must be underpinned by solid data management. Realtime insight to risk exposure enables decision making and risk modelling.

Banking and credit

Better understanding of the customer experience that results in improved retention, strong data governance and management supports regularity compliance, while analytics and Machine Learning models reduce credit risk and fraud.

Asset management

Consumer spending habits are changing because of higher energy costs, food, interest rates etc. meanwhile input costs are increasing, this is putting pressure on returns and therefore portfolio performance. Clients are demanding ESG reporting and disclosures for the assets under management. The industry is becoming more competitive and driven by digital experiences to reduce costs as fees are being squeezed.

The start of the journey

Are you ready to transform your business with data?

We can help you assess your current data maturity. This will help you identify the highest priority, highest impact use cases to invest in, demonstrating value to the business and reducing operational complexity and risk.

Data strategy

We help clients create a vision, build a data culture, and unlock the power of their data to realise their business goals.

Data strategy assessment

The assessment reviews processes and looks at the current approach to data acquisition, governance, ethics, and quality. It carries out an evaluation of the current data platform and prioritises the high-value analytics use-cases that map to strategic business goals.

Data platform

Migrating and modernising the data platform to deliver high-performing, reliable and secure infrastructure to meet business needs.

Data platform health check

Coeo’s SQL Server migration assessment is an in-depth discovery and analysis of the current SQL estate which provides a documented migration plan, best practice recommendations and a costed business case.


Leveraging data to inform business decisions allows for confident and strategic moves. The analytics solutions we deliver empower users to make informed data-driven decisions faster.

Synapse pilot

The Synapse Pilot enables businesses to demonstrate the capabilities of and evaluate the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics platform to help prove its potential value and ROI for their business.


Coeo’s visualisation solutions allow clients to make faster, better-informed business decisions, share data across teams and increase operational efficiency.

Power BI Jumpstart

The Power BI Jumpstart program helps clients implement Power BI with a focus on data modelling, report creation, and visualisation. It provides a focused deployment to evaluate Power BI’s capability, security, deployment.

case study

Working with Castle Trust Bank to transform its data solutions and implement lasting change

When Castle Trust Bank approached Coeo, it had a clear plan in mind. Understanding data is vital to its success, but its existing technology was holding it back. And rather than making piecemeal changes, it saw the most value in a complete refresh.

case study

Longview Partners transform IT delivery with Coeo

Longview Partners pride themselves on providing a rewarding, challenging and team-oriented place to work. To help achieve this goal, they have invested in the technology they provide their team, leveraging the power of Azure and O365 with support from Coeo.

case study

Pantheon innovate and scale with Azure

Coeo enable Pantheon’s journey from physical datacentre to scalable, supported Azure platform.

Coeo deliver an end to end solution from design to delivery with our managed services.

Talk to an expert

Chief Data Officers Network (CDON)

Networking, peer to peer conversations and much more. If you’re interested to find out more let us know. Contact us here.

Coeo Conversations Podcast

Nick Anderton of M&G talks to Coeo’s Dave Shepherd about they turned their business around using Power BI Adoption and Data Governance Strategy.


“ We recognised that we needed external expertise to execute our vision. In that respect, Coeo stood out clearly as the right partner.”

- Roger Jones, Head of Data, Castle Trust Bank


“ The post go-live support your guys are providing, which is already making a difference – not just with the technical expertise, but the ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism – is like a breath of fresh air. ”

- Paul Jones, Head of Technology, Longview Partners


“Coeo provide an incredibly high level of service with a personal touch – they are extremely proactive with great communication.”

- Derrick Ginsburg, Head of Cloud and Security, Pantheon