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AI & Machine Learning

Welcome to the next industrial revolution – the era of AI, for every organisation.

Generative AI technologies such as Large Language Models (LLM – used by ChatGPT) are disrupting businesses in every industry. Opportunities for use of Generative AI – or ‘Gen AI’ for short – are continually expanding while driving operational efficiency and promoting business growth. Companies that are implementing AI are now recognised as leaders in their industry, benefiting from higher client retention rates, increased revenue, process automation and cost savings. 

Microsoft has invested strategically in Artificial Intelligence, enabling it to be the forefront of their organisation, democratising access to technology and innovation.

Coeo are a specialist Microsoft Data & AI Solutions Partner, with deep expertise in the Microsoft Data Platform, OpenAI, Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning. We enable organisations to unlock the full potential of AI and drive innovation across a wide range of use cases, leading to increased efficiency, productivity, profitability and providing valuable insights that can help businesses make better decisions. 

Our approach involves working closely with organisations to help understand and deliver secure data and AI solutions, carrying out the necessary due diligence and establishing boundaries, while providing governance to minimise risk and assure compliance.

Responsible AI is at the forefront of what we do, helping customers adopt AI solutions with fairness, transparency and reliability built in, whilst ensuring the most accurate results. 

Clients come to us when

They want to automate repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency through the use of AI in business processes automation.
They want to drive innovation across their organisation, maximising the potential of generative AI and maintaining a competitive edge within their industry
They need guidance with AI and Machine Learning, ideating with us and co-creating solutions to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and avoid missing out on unlocking business value

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Identify & prioritise

From idea to Proof-of-Value

Working with your stakeholders, we identify and prioritise high value use cases for AI and Machine Learning,understanding their requirements and anticipated outcomes. We progress the most valuable use case to a proof of value to showcase to stakeholders the worth of Generative AI/OpenAI capability. Examples include summarisation, content generation, semantic search and securely applying ChatGPT / GPT-3 / GPT-4 on your own data. 

  1. Discovery & Ideation

    We lead workshops and education sessions with your business and technical stakeholders to identify use cases based on its anticipated success. We consider aspects such as user personas, their pain points, solution feasibility, data availability, competitive landscape, Responsible AI, scalability, and impact.  

  2. Value Prioritisation

    We map each identified use case based on required effort and potential impact whilst also addressing the potential time to value. We then select a high priority use case to progress to a Proof of Value based on its ROI (Return On Investment).  

  3. Proof-of-value

    We design, develop and implement a solution that matches the chosen use case requirements. We ensure that any custom data from your organisation remain in a secure environment within Microsoft Azure. i.e.: not using the publicly facing ChatGPTWe also leverage advanced techniques such as prompt engineering, Langchain and Semantic Kernel, delivering a solution that demonstrates business value 

  4. Productionisation

    Upon a successful Proof of Value, we transition it to a production solution, thoroughly testing and addressing cost optimisation, user feedback and accuracy. We also ensure that logging and error handling is set up to deliver a robust and reliable solution

  5. Operate & Optimise

    Given that successful Gen AI implementations are not a one-off event, we also provide monitoring of the solution to ensure data governance and quality as well as overall cloud security, cost control and availability are in place and regularly fine-tuned. Our service includes proactive support to monitor performance, identify problems and continuously improve the solution. We stay updated with the latest advancements in AI technologies, evaluating potential enhancements, and planning for long-term scalability and sustainability. By effectively managing the AI solution, we enable organisations to maximise its value and adapt to the evolving business needs and challenges.   

Managed services

Ongoing monitoring & management

Our Managed Service solutions gives clients running mission-critical data assets, peace of mind. Our UK-based in-house engineering team provide much more than a traditional managed service, proactively monitoring and optimising your platform 24/7.

Coeo’s team include globally respected Microsoft Data Platform experts who solve issues ranging from complex, long-running SQL Server query performance problems to cost-effective management of growing cloud data estates.