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Transforming business operations with analytics and insights

Professional services companies face challenges such as delivering high-quality services while managing costs, attracting and retaining talent with the right skills, staying ahead of competitors, and complying with ever-changing regulations. Data-driven strategies can improve decision-making, optimise operations, and enhance customer experiences.


Protecting and securing confidential client information is of paramount importance. Managing the volume of sensitive data can be complex and time-consuming, and failure to adequately protect this data can result in costly legal and reputational consequences. With the increasing complexity of data protection and privacy regulations, legal firms must stay ahead of the curve to ensure they comply with relevant laws and regulations while maintaining the trust of their clients.


Accountancy firms are faced with the management of large volumes of financial data, maintaining it’s accuracy, while ensuring data quality and compliance with data protection regulations. Businesses who are able to extract insights from data for decision-making along with effective data management, security, and analytics solutions will be crucial for long-term success.


Inefficient supply chain management can lead to delays, bottlenecks, and increased costs, especially in just-in-time logistics. By leveraging data analytics and AI, construction firms can optimise their supply chain management and identify opportunities for improvement, building trust and long-lasting relationships with clients by delivering projects on time and within budget, and by ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

The start of the journey

Are you ready to transform your business with data?

We can help you assess your current data maturity. This will help you identify the highest priority, highest impact use cases to invest in, demonstrating value to the business and reducing operational complexity and risk.

Data strategy

We help clients create a vision, build a data culture, and unlock the power of their data to realise their business goals.

Data strategy assessment

The assessment reviews processes and looks at the current approach to data acquisition, governance, ethics, and quality. It carries out an evaluation of the current data platform and prioritises the high-value analytics use-cases that map to strategic business goals.

Data platform

Migrating and modernising the data platform to deliver high-performing, reliable and secure infrastructure to meet business needs.

Data platform health check

Coeo’s SQL Server migration assessment is an in-depth discovery and analysis of the current SQL estate which provides a documented migration plan, best practice recommendations and a costed business case.


Leveraging data to inform business decisions allows for confident and strategic moves. The analytics solutions we deliver empower users to make informed data-driven decisions faster.

Synapse pilot

The Synapse Pilot enables businesses to demonstrate the capabilities of and evaluate the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics platform to help prove its potential value and ROI for their business.


Coeo’s visualisation solutions allow clients to make faster, better-informed business decisions, share data across teams and increase operational efficiency.

Power BI Jumpstart

The Power BI Jumpstart program helps clients implement Power BI with a focus on data modelling, report creation, and visualisation. It provides a focused deployment to evaluate Power BI’s capability, security, deployment.

case study

Accelerating a change in Triumph’s data strategy

Find out how Coeo helped Triumph Motorcycles to transform its business intelligence - giving it a single source of truth and the ability to manage its own data solutions.

case study

Providing a trusted technology partner ongoing support, as Marque Group Solutions (MGS) transitions to a global, scalable cloud solution

MGS use advanced data integrations to deliver truly best-in-class automotive solutions, helping dealers, OEMs and mobility providers to optimise sales and aftersales performance, sustainably boosting retention and profitability.

Coeo deliver an end to end solution from design to delivery with our managed services.

Talk to an expert

Coeo Conversations Podcast

Nick Anderton of M&G talks to Coeo’s Dave Shepherd about they turned their business around using Power BI Adoption and Data Governance Strategy.


“ The fact we’ve had a consistent relationship all the way through has meant we’ve been able to progress things quicker, because of the intrinsic knowledge we’ve gained from each other.”

- Lee Pears, Head of Data Insight, Triumph Motorcycles


“ Working with Coeo offers us a wide range of experience and knowledge to help bridge any skill gaps in our core technology teams.”

- Nathan Eavy, Director of Technology, MGS