Uncovering insights

Unlocking the full potential of data to drive growth and optimisation

Shifting consumer trends, intensifying competition, the need for sustainable practices and supply chain disruptions are some of the complex issues facing retailers today. Businesses who are able to leverage the benefits of data management, analytics and artificial intelligence will be able to differentiate themselves with an enhanced customer experience.


Fashion is a dynamic and fast-moving industry, to remain competitive, retailers need to be agile, responsive, and data-driven, optimise their business operations. Falling short of delivering a personalised, connected experience to customers can result in lost business and negative feedback, fashion and apparel businesses need to leverage data management solutions to capture valuable insights and offer optimisation and personalised marketing.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is challenged with changing consumer preferences, complex supply chains, and increasing pressure to operate sustainably. Robust data management and analytics solutions are required, from real-time insights into inventory management and food safety compliance to reduce wastage and increase supply chain efficiency.

High Street

Brick-and-mortar stores must find ways to differentiate themselves and compete with online retailers. The ability to collect, integrate, and analyse data from multiple sources allows high street retailers gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour. Businesses which are able to uncover valuable insights into customer preferences, and create personalised experiences that drive loyalty and growth will remain competitive.

The start of the journey

Are you ready to transform your business with data?

We can help you assess your current data maturity. This will help you identify the highest priority, highest impact use cases to invest in, demonstrating value to the business and reducing operational complexity and risk.

Data strategy

We help clients create a vision, build a data culture, and unlock the power of their data to realise their business goals.

Data strategy assessment

The assessment reviews processes and looks at the current approach to data acquisition, governance, ethics, and quality. It carries out an evaluation of the current data platform and prioritises the high-value analytics use-cases that map to strategic business goals.

Data platform

Migrating and modernising the data platform to deliver high-performing, reliable and secure infrastructure to meet business needs.

Data platform health check

Coeo’s SQL Server migration assessment is an in-depth discovery and analysis of the current SQL estate which provides a documented migration plan, best practice recommendations and a costed business case.


Leveraging data to inform business decisions allows for confident and strategic moves. The analytics solutions we deliver empower users to make informed data-driven decisions faster.

Synapse pilot

The Synapse Pilot enables businesses to demonstrate the capabilities of and evaluate the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics platform to help prove its potential value and ROI for their business.


Coeo’s visualisation solutions allow clients to make faster, better-informed business decisions, share data across teams and increase operational efficiency.

Power BI Jumpstart

The Power BI Jumpstart program helps clients implement Power BI with a focus on data modelling, report creation, and visualisation. It provides a focused deployment to evaluate Power BI’s capability, security, deployment.

case study

From slippery slopes to a well-managed environment

Coeo worked closely with FatFace to stabilise and consolidate its failing SQL Server environment, and to design a future-proof system that would optimise data management and support faster, dependable reporting processes.

case study

SCS Boosts Sales With Reporting Dashboard

Coeo works with leading sofa and carpet specialist to provide sales teams with access to the insights needed to make data-driven decisions.

case study

Spring Global keeps shelves full over Thanksgiving with support from Coeo’s Managed Services team.

The world’s biggest consumer packaged goods brands rely on Spring’s application to keep retail shelves full. If Spring’s app isn’t working, sales reps cannot take orders and, the shelves quickly find themselves empty. When this happened just before Thanksgiving, the retail industry’s busiest time of year, Spring turned to Coeo to ensure round-the-clock performance for their SaaS platform.

case study

Improved performance & availability

Sundio needed to improve the performance of its online reservation system so that it could take advantage of peak booking seasons and have the data management infrastructure needed to fulfil ambitious company growth plans.

case study

Bravissimo’s data platform supports fast-growing business with long-term support from Coeo

Coeo have delivered strategic advice and technical support to Bravissimo for over 10 years. From an initial project to modernise their data platform to providing 24/7 performance and availability, this busy retailer has all their data platform needs covered.

Coeo deliver an end to end solution from design to delivery with our managed services.

Talk to an expert

Coeo Conversations Podcast

Nick Anderton of M&G talks to Coeo’s Dave Shepherd about they turned their business around using Power BI Adoption and Data Governance Strategy.


“ The combination of new hardware, performance optimisations, and an upgraded SQL Server made everything at least 100% faster.”

- Lee Reynolds, Business Information Manager, FatFace


“ Working with Coeo is like working as one team. It has felt like we’re part of the same business; we’ve got the same goal.”

- Anil Gogna, Head of Business Reporting, ScS


“ They’ve seen things I couldn’t have imagined. We had been stuck for a week. Karl, who worked over the weekend for us, found the solution in a few hours. They are also proactive and find things that could become an issue before they become an issue. When Karl’s involved, I always feel better.”

- Dan Sadler, VP Operations and Data Services, Spring Global


“Rather than developing things and waiting for issues to arise in production, Coeo’s team already start to be involved in the development process. Together we call this process ‘performance engineering’.”

- Bas Bruijninckx, IT Manager - Sunweb Group


“ For technical expertise I can’t fault them, I trust our systems are in safe hands and we benefit from their quality advice and knowledge transfer"

- Ian Murphy, IT Manager at Bravissimo