Testimonials & Clients

Testimonials and clients

Some of the clients we have helped


“ We recognised that we needed external expertise to execute our vision. In that respect, Coeo stood out clearly as the right partner.”

- Roger Jones, Head of Data, Castle Trust Bank


“ The post go-live support your guys are providing, which is already making a difference – not just with the technical expertise, but the ‘can do’ attitude and professionalism – is like a breath of fresh air. ”

- Paul Jones, Head of Technology, Longview Partners


“Coeo provide an incredibly high level of service with a personal touch – they are extremely proactive with great communication.”

- Derrick Ginsburg, Head of Cloud and Security, Pantheon


“ For technical expertise I can’t fault them, I trust our systems are in safe hands and we benefit from their quality advice and knowledge transfer"

- Ian Murphy, IT Manager at Bravissimo


“ The combination of new hardware, performance optimisations, and an upgraded SQL Server made everything at least 100% faster.”

- Lee Reynolds, Business Information Manager, FatFace


“ Working with Coeo is like working as one team. It has felt like we’re part of the same business; we’ve got the same goal.”

- Anil Gogna, Head of Business Reporting, ScS


“ They’ve seen things I couldn’t have imagined. We had been stuck for a week. Karl, who worked over the weekend for us, found the solution in a few hours. They are also proactive and find things that could become an issue before they become an issue. When Karl’s involved, I always feel better.”

- Dan Sadler, VP Operations and Data Services, Spring Global


“Rather than developing things and waiting for issues to arise in production, Coeo’s team already start to be involved in the development process. Together we call this process ‘performance engineering’.”

- Bas Bruijninckx, IT Manager - Sunweb Group


“ The fact we’ve had a consistent relationship all the way through has meant we’ve been able to progress things quicker, because of the intrinsic knowledge we’ve gained from each other.”

- Lee Pears, Head of Data Insight, Triumph Motorcycles


“ The new process is simpler to use and has resulted in higher accuracy and greater accountability when entering and using data.”

- Automotive organisation


“ Working with Coeo offers us a wide range of experience and knowledge to help bridge any skill gaps in our core technology teams.”

- Nathan Eavy, Director of Technology, MGS


“ We were immediately impressed with their approach and structured engagement. We recognise their expertise in their field and we now rely on them to provide a fully managed service, monitoring our systems 24/7.”

- Ben Erwood, Head of IT, Valpak

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