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Transforming raw data into actionable insights

Leveraging data to inform business decisions allows for confident and strategic moves. The analytics solutions we deliver empower users to make informed data-driven decisions faster.

The business world is no stranger to change and disruption, as the rate of change increases making data-driven decisions has never been more important. Analytics solutions can improve customer engagement, drive operational efficiencies, accelerate product innovation, and empower employees.

Clients come to us when

Decision making and collaboration is hindered by data errors and inconsistencies caused by time-consuming, manual processes
They lack customer data insights and are unable to create a personalised, digital experience that would increase attachment to their brand
Innovation of new business models, products and services stalls because they don’t have access to the required data

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Streamlined Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Implementation

Coeo’s Velox data analytics accelerator provides pre-configured components and best practices for building data analytics solutions on Microsoft Azure. It reduces the time required to build scalable and optimised data analytics solutions using pre-built components and templates.

Velox allows for quick deployment and testing of Azure environment setup with pre-defined Synapse pipelines, as well as efficient data processing and transformation using best practice architecture.

Velox offers accelerated time to value by reducing effort and time required to build data analytics solutions, standardised and scalable solutions through pre-built components, and tailored solutions that are aligned with specific business goals.

plan & roadmap

Evaluate the potential of Azure Synapse Analytics for your business

Coeo Synapse Pilot enables businesses to pilot and evaluate the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics platform. The pilot aims to demonstrate the capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics and help evaluate its potential value and ROI for their business.
  • Dynamic requirements gathering and solution specification – We work with clients to ensure that we understand what they need and deliver a solution that works for them.
  • On the cutting edge of new technology – We are always researching and updating our methods to keep up with the evolving platform and best-practice.

What’s involved in the Synapse pilot?

During the Coeo Synapse Pilot, Coeo’s team of experts work closely with business leads to identify the best use cases for Synapse Analytics, design and implement data pipelines, data warehousing solutions, and other components of the Synapse Analytics platform.

The pilot typically involves an initial consultation and assessment to understand the organisation’s data analytics needs, followed by a proof of concept implementation of Azure Synapse Analytics.

  1. Understand Azure Synapse Analytics

    Gain a better understanding of the capabilities of the Azure Synapse Analytics platform, and how it can be integrated with other cloud services and non-traditional data sources.

  2. Reduced Implementation Risk

    Work with Coeo’s consultants to reduce the risk of costly mistakes or misconfigurations, which could negatively impact the success of data analytics projects.

  3. Faster Time-to-Value

    Accelerate implementation, achieve faster time-to-value for data analytics projects. Drive business insights, improve decision-making, and increase revenue and operational efficiency.

Managed services

Ongoing monitoring & management

Our Managed Service solutions gives clients running mission-critical data assets, peace of mind. Our UK-based in-house engineering team provide much more than a traditional managed service, proactively monitoring and optimising your platform 24/7.

Coeo’s team include globally respected Microsoft Data Platform experts who solve issues ranging from complex, long-running SQL Server query performance problems to cost-effective management of growing cloud data estates.

case study

A tale of two platforms

How Coeo have created one super scale, super performance BI platform for Covéa Insurance that has transformed their use of Business Intelligence and opened up new markets for them.

case study

Providing a trusted technology partner ongoing support, as Marque Group Solutions (MGS) transitions to a global, scalable cloud solution

MGS use advanced data integrations to deliver truly best-in-class automotive solutions, helping dealers, OEMs and mobility providers to optimise sales and aftersales performance, sustainably boosting retention and profitability.