19 Jun 2024

Coeo x Microsoft Retail Data and AI Summit 2024

19th June, 9:00 AM

Join Microsoft and Coeo on the 19th of June at our exclusive summit where we bring together industry leaders to explore the transformative power of data and artificial intelligence in revolutionising retail and consumer goods strategies.

Through informative sessions and interactive workshops, you’ll uncover practical ways to use data analytics and AI technologies to increase efficiency, make smarter decisions, and gain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

We’re kicking off the day with insights into the latest advancements and future trends in AI for retail and consumer goods from leading expert Indranil Das, Director of Retail in EMEA at Microsoft.

Indranil is a leading figure in the European Retail and Consumer Goods Industry. He excels in guiding major retail organisations through their digital transformation, overseeing projects from start to finish, including planning, design, and implementation. His expertise focuses on getting the most out of data, improving customer experiences through personalised services, strengthening supply chains, and using Microsoft’s cloud solutions to help retailers stay ahead of the competition. Indranil’s approach makes advanced technology accessible and beneficial, empowering businesses to innovate and grow.

Insights from Fortnum and Mason and PizzaExpress

We’re excited to announce that Matt Broom, Director of Customer Technology at PizzaExpress and Lisa Camm, Head of Digital Transformation at Fortnum and Mason are sharing their strategies at our exclusive Data Transformation for Retail Panel Discussion.

These leaders have used technology to transform two of Britons most beloved brands, and now they’re here to reveal their secrets to success.

Join Matt and Lisa as they discuss their experiences and predictions of using AI, Data Analytics and cutting-edge technology to improve everything from inventory management to delivering personalised customer experiences.

Lisa Camm has distinguished herself as a leader in digital transformation across the retail and hospitality sectors. With a proven track record in enhancing digital and technological capabilities within notable UK FTSE100 and international companies, including Fortnum & Mason, she focuses on elevating customer experiences and driving operational efficiencies. A recent graduate of the Global Women Leaders Programme, Lisa’s leadership continues to shape the technological strategies of major brands on a global scale.

Matt Broom has spearheaded the transformation of customer engagement through innovative data and AI strategies. His leadership in developing a sophisticated loyalty program and integrating advanced analytics has significantly enhanced customer experiences. He has introduced effective upselling strategies using AI-driven product recommendations, enhancing both customer interactions and sales tactics. This forward-thinking approach has boosted customer loyalty and operational efficiency and established the company as a frontrunner in using technology to gain a competitive edge in the consumer goods industry.


Pick and Mix Sessions to Suit Your Strategy: 

  • Keynote: Future Trends in Retail AI by Indranil Das, Director of Retail in EMEA at Microsoft.


  • Practical AI Applications for Retail and Consumer Goods: Building the Foundations
    Learn how to harness your data to build the foundational principles and practical strategies for implementing AI applications that drive growth and innovation.


  • Streamlining Retail Operations with Microsoft Fabric: Live Demo Session
    Experience firsthand how Microsoft Fabric can streamline retail operations through a live demonstration of its features and capabilities. Plus find out if you’re eligible for a proof of concept funded by Microsoft worth up to £12,000.


  • What’s your Recommendation? Harnessing the Power of OpenAI for Product Engines
    Discover how AI-powered recommendation systems can enhance customer experiences and drive sales.


  • Data Modernisation Workshop: Future Proof Your Business
    Gain insights into modernising your business’s data infrastructure for long-term sustainability and success in a hands-on workshop setting.


  • Building a Unified Customer Database for Targeted Marketing
    Learn how to integrate data from various sources to create a unified customer database and leverage it for personalised, targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience on a deeper level.


  • Use Case: Machine Learning to Improve Yield and Reduce Waste
    Explore a real-world case study demonstrating how machine learning can optimise yield and reduce waste in retail and consumer goods operations leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability.



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