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Providing a trusted technology partner ongoing support, as Marque Group Solutions (MGS) transitions to a global, scalable cloud solution

MGS use advanced data integrations to deliver truly best-in-class automotive solutions, helping dealers, OEMs and mobility providers to optimise sales and aftersales performance, sustainably boosting retention and profitability.



After winning some big contracts, MGS was growing quickly. It needed an efficient and effective way to scale up its customer experience (CX) platform, taking advantage of cloud technology.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • CX platform moved over to reserved instances
  • Ongoing support, including consistency checks and backups


  • 20% saving in Azure spend with no upfront commitment
  • MGS and Coeo are continuing to work together on automation, cost reduction and other potential gains
  • A three-minute response time against a 30-minute service level agreement
  • 98% of Coeo’s work with MGS has been completed proactively

They provide specialist automotive support to optimise every aspect of the customer journey, with seamless integration of solutions across data management, cleansing, predictive marketing, lead prioritisation and customer experience. MGS CX, the brand’s customer experience platform, captures and manages both solicited and unsolicited feedback from key touchpoints across the customer life cycle, providing actionable insights to drive measurable growth for global brands.


Learning & understanding

The challenge

With significant new business wins, the MGS team needed a cost-efficient and effective way to scale their CX platform and switch from a primarily on-premises solution to a scalable and global cloud solution.

“The MGS CX brand grew quickly after winning some sizeable new contracts, and we needed an experienced infrastructure partner with the knowledge and skills to support a swift transition to a global cloud solution. We wanted that extra layer of support to evolve our product whilst maintaining the versatility and exceptional service levels that our clients have come to expect” comments Nathan Eavy, Director of Technology, MGS.

MGS were experiencing a number of challenges with on-premises set-up, particularly around the scalability required to match growing customer demand with limited resource capacity.



The solution

As part of Coeo’s Dedicated support offering, MGS were advised on architectural improvements that helped to optimise overall service, including the cost of services in Azure. For example, Coeo identified that moving MGS CX over to reserved instances would be a more cost-effective way of running the current platform, helping to save 20% a month in Azure spend and with no upfront commitment.

“ Working with Coeo offers us a wide range of experience and knowledge to help bridge any skill gaps in our core technology teams.”

“When we commenced this partnership with MGS it was clear that providing an exceptional level of service to their clients was critical. This meant MGS CX needed to be at the forefront of innovation with the latest technologies, whilst ensuring the platform was extremely secure and highly scalable.” comments Kieran Sutherland, Sales Manager – Support Services, Coeo.

Coeo’s Dedicated support offering is a 24/7 service and MGS entrusts them to proactively monitor the health of the entire CX platform to identify and remediate issues as and when they occur.

Coeo also proactively provide MGS with recommendations on areas of performance concern and the steps necessary to prevent issues from arising. In addition to this, Coeo carry out key internal business as usual activities, such as consistency checks, regular back-ups etc.

“Working with Coeo offers us a wide range of experience and knowledge to help bridge any skill gaps in our core technology teams. Their support also means that we don’t need an internal team monitoring our services 24/7, something that saves considerable cost for us. More often than not, Coeo are picking up on issues and fixing them before there’s any demonstrable impact on our clients. This is vital in our promise to deliver outstanding performance and experience for every client” says Nathan.


“ Working with Coeo offers us a wide range of experience and knowledge to help bridge any skill gaps in our core technology teams.”

- Nathan Eavy, Director of Technology, MGS


The results

MGS CX continue to innovate and work with Coeo on best practice re-architecture of their platform. This includes expanded use of available Platform as a Service features in Azure to increase analytics automation and reduce cost and operational overheads, resulting in a highly scalable platform, with enhanced speed and responsiveness that continues to drive exceptional levels of satisfaction for MGS clients. MGS CX is in safe hands with Coeo who have delivered a three-minute response time, on average, against a 30-minute Service Level Agreement for priority one issues over the last 12 months. In addition, 98% of the work completed by Coeo in the last year has been proactive, meaning issues are fixed without requiring the involvement of MGS internal resource. Considering the criticality of the MGS CX platform, these response times mean MGS are confident when communicating service up[1]time with their clients.

“We highly value our partnership with Coeo and the excellent service they provide. Our partnership is one built on trust, and we feel Coeo have our best interests at heart. Coeo has built strong relationships throughout our business, and our technology teams are giving us great feedback. This has resulted in a long-term relationship and a partnership we truly value.” says Gary Martin, CEO, MGS.

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