01 Jan 1970

Eddie Sauvao, Solution Sales Specialist, Coeo

“It’s not like any company or business I’ve worked for… It surprised me because I worked at a handful of companies in the UK, and my experience was similar until I met Justin, the founder of Coeo. When I joined in 2010, what stood out to me was their willingness and transparency in supporting someone very different from them professionally and culturally. There was no judgment nor the usual unconscious bias that I’d experienced at other companies, so it was refreshing to be part of something inspiring and special. And as we’ve grown, we’ve managed to keep that family vibe, which is pretty cool. I still recall Justin’s words, “if you want to do your best work, then Coeo will give you every opportunity to fulfil your ambitions” It was always clear to me and still is Coeo is a place where you can harness that mentoring spirit and thrive. I continue to learn and grow daily, and it’s a true testament”