22 Mar 2024

Making Coeo a Neuro-inclusive Workplace

A year ago, we embarked on a mission to make Coeo a Neuro-inclusive workplace. Our journey began with a panel discussion which has since become the cornerstone of our Neuro-inclusive initiatives. Here’s a look back at that event and our actions since.

Reflecting on our Neurodiversity Panel Discussion

Last year, we kicked off Neurodiversity Celebration Week with a panel discussion led by four colleagues who experience neurodiversity. The discussion revolved around the benefits of embracing neuro-diversity and the strengths and variety of perspectives it brings to the team. The engagement was incredible and sparked a company-wide conversation on how we can be more supportive and inclusive every day.

Inspired by the success of our panel discussion and the feedback received, we’ve taken several steps to ensure our workplace is inclusive, including:

Educational Sessions

Building on the momentum, we hosted sessions on various neurodivergences, including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Dyscalculia. Education has been our tool for fostering a culture of empathy and understanding.

Inclusive Recruitment Practices

We’ve refined our recruitment process to attract neurodiverse talent, ensuring our job descriptions, interview processes, and advertisements are neuro-inclusive. Transparency and accommodations, such as providing interview questions in advance are now standard practice.

Creating a Supportive Environment

Following a thorough office audit, we’ve introduced features like quiet areas and adjustable desks, catering to the diverse needs of our team members, and ensuring our workplace can adapt to our colleagues and not the other way around.

Educating our Managers

We’ve invested in educating our leaders on the importance of adjustments and support for neurodiverse colleagues, ensuring that empathy and understanding cascade through all levels of management.

Continuous Improvement

Our partnership with Everymind and the Tech Talent Charter has guided our journey, providing us with the resources and knowledge to improve our practices. To keep the great work going this Neurodiversity Celebration Week, we are launching our Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group (ERG). The group aims to be a safe space for people to come together, share experiences, support each other, and continue building a neuro-inclusive culture, allowing us to continue learning through the needs of those experiencing neurodiversity, directly or indirectly.

The path to inclusion is ongoing and ever-evolving. It demands our constant attention, learning, and willingness to adapt. We’re committed to this journey, recognising that the diversity of our team is one of our greatest strengths. It fuels innovation, fosters creativity, and, most importantly, creates a workplace where everyone feels they belong.