Case Study Automotive Organisation

“The new process is simpler to use and has resulted in higher accuracy and greater accountability when entering and using data”

Project Overview

Automotive organisation improves reporting accuracy with Power Platform


Our client, an automotive organisation, has always aimed to put their customers first. This attitude has enabled them to gain millions of clients, but with all this growth comes a challenge of a new kind – data.

The Challenge

The organisation had built a complicated series of Excel spreadsheets that required full-time management to run their contracts, budgets and forecasts for their procurement team. This caused numerous manual errors and was not auditable.

The team knew that there were better options available and wanted to understand them. So, they attended a public delivery of Coeo’s ‘Introduction to Power BI’ training course, which teaches attendees how to load, transform and visualise data using Microsoft’s Power BI platform.

Following the training, they approached Coeo to run a two-day private Power BI training course, which opened discussions about how they process and manage their data. With the guidance of Coeo and Microsoft, they made the business decision to move to Power Apps and Power BI.


Coeo worked with automotive organisation to design and build a service map solution that encompassed their high-priority procurement processes. This created a way for them to manage suppliers, contracts, supplier details, budgets and forecasts.

We rebuilt the complex set of Excel spreadsheets using simple-to-use Power Apps, with the reporting being handled by Power BI. Power Apps greatly reduces the time and effort required for data entry and the Power BI report provides easier and more interactive analysis of the data, helping the business users and leaders to make more informed decisions.


The new series of reports can be run on a daily basis to ensure that all policies and processes have been implemented and highlight exceptions where this has not been maintained. The new process is simpler to use and has resulted in higher accuracy and greater accountability when entering and using data.

Coeo have continued to work with our client to provide post-deployment support and service transition to ensure a successful adoption of the app and reports.

As this was a pilot solution, the next step is to integrate this system fully into the client’s Enterprise Data Lake. This will ensure that all data is housed in one area to make sure there is a single version of the truth and reduce shadow IT.

Coeo have also identified that there are other significant business processes that can be further automated to reduce errors and to ensure that their team is more efficient within day-to-day tasks.