Case Study ScS

“Working with Coeo is like working as one team. It has felt like we’re part of the same business; we’ve got the same goal.”

Anil Gogna, Head of Business Reporting, ScS

Project Overview

ScS boosts sales efficiency with reporting dashboard


Over the last century, ScS have become one of the UK’s leading sofa and carpet specialists. They currently have 100 stores across the country and employ over 1,500 staff. As their business expanded, they needed greater insight into store and regional performance.

The Challenge

The reporting system was archaic, made up of a number of flat, multipage SQL reports and complicated excel spreadsheets, with very little focus on any trend or insight analysis. Anil Gogna, Head of Business Reporting at ScS, wanted to give retail management access to informative, dynamic reporting that would improve visibility and support superior performance management.

Having compared the range of analytical tools available, ScS made the decision to invest in Microsoft Power BI, which best suited the needs of the business.  ScS and Coeo had worked together previously and, following an internal recommendation, Coeo were signed up to support with the project implementation.


Modern Analytics

Anil and his team discussed the options with Coeo’s consultant and they opted to store their data warehouse in the cloud, rather than using an on-premise solution.

“We also took the decision to rebuild everything, rather than use our existing data,” said Anil. “The data previously held had become ambiguous over time and was difficult to attain granular, supporting information.”

Coeo provided support during the rebuild of the data set, working alongside Anil and his team. We then supported them with training to ensure a successful roll out and adoption across all users, both in head office and in store.

Dedicated Support

Following the build of the new Azure data warehouse, Coeo and ScS engaged to put in place a Dedicated Support agreement, providing unlimited 24/7 support with proactive monitoring.

Early morning access to successfully refreshed reports was key to enable day-to-day business decisions, so having Coeo on board supporting this was invaluable.

Anil said: “We had problems six months ago where overnight data refreshes were failing regularly. But, with the two teams working together, we have been able to remediate and learn the root cause of issue at the same time.

“Even today, if something does fall over, Coeo are able to spot a problem overnight and proactively resolve the issue. Before the business is reviewing reports early morning, it’s already been sorted.  That works fantastically for us. It’s about having information ready, on time without disruption to the business.”

The Covid-19 Pandemic

Shortly after the analytics project was rolled out to users, the UK went into lockdown and – like many retailers – ScS was forced to close its stores.

Coeo worked with ScS to optimise their Azure spend and scale back their Azure services whilst stores were shut, providing cost savings for the client when they needed it most.  Coeo also supported in quickly removing BI licensing whilst staff were furloughed.

Following the reopening of stores, licenses were reinstated, any technical challenges were overcome and training provided to tackle knowledge gaps within the ScS team.

The two teams collaborated to overcome initial teething problems with the new infrastructure and data warehouse.  Amendments were also applied to the newly built KPIs to better reflect the latest views of the business.


The new retail sales dashboards have helped to improve performance management and quickly identify the root cause of any particular issue.

“The dashboard was provided in a fashion which enabled the end user to understand what the opportunity and risks are very quickly, rather than trying to work it out themselves from nine or ten different reports,” said Anil.

“It’s given us more focus in terms of where we can improve our sales or margin, because we can now drill down to sales person or order level very quickly through the click of a button.”

Anil and his team are now looking to produce similar reporting systems for other areas of the business, such as Distribution and Operations. He hopes to further develop the knowledge that the team has gained and continue to build a data-driven culture within the business.

Anil said: “Working with Coeo is like working as one team. It has felt like we’re part of the same business; we’ve got the same goal.

“I’ve found the whole team at Coeo to be very professional in their roles. Even when we have had problems, it’s been very good. I’ve found each and every person prepared to go out of their way to make it work. That stems from the service desk through to the consultants.

“Our problem has been their problem. Taking that approach, Coeo have done themselves proud with the service they’ve provided.”